It’s Time to Give Yourself a Well Earned Health Review – Bluecrest Screening

No matter how hard you look after yourself, we can all find that life takes its toll on us. Diet, lifestyle, how much exercise we get, these are all things that can have an impact on our health.  You could also consider a Bluecrest health screening reviews, they seem to be the market leaders in health assessments in the UK.

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Rather than carrying on the way we are, perhaps it is time to stop and give yourself a well-earned and much needed health review.

But what things should you be looking at? Here are some of the important things to consider when checking yourself over.

How much exercise do you do?

Exercise is good for us all, it is not only a helping hand for weight loss, but it also releases a whole host of feel good chemicals too. Everyone should aim for around 30-60 minutes of exercise, in some form, every day. So if you are not at this level then maybe you should up your activity.

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A good way to do this is to change the way that you commute, such as opting to walk or cycle to walk rather than drive.

What is your diet like?

Another important thing to think about is your diet. You should be aiming to have a healthy and varied diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables in it. You shouldn’t be eating too many fats, and a couple of portions of fish every week could work wonders too.

Why not give Meat Free Monday a try, or see if you can limit yourself to just one take-away dinner a month?

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Do you drink or smoke?

Alcohol is something that is best enjoyed in moderation, and many people can simply treat themselves to a drink or two every now and then.

Take a look at how much you drink on a weekly basis, if it is more than 14 units (for women) or 21 units (for men) then it is time to cut back.

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Smoking on the other hand is something that you should give up completely. The NHS have a wide variety of tips and tools that can help you to quit, so take advantage of these opportunities.

How stressed are you?

Whilst checking over your physical health, it is a great idea to take a look at your mental wellbeing too. High levels of stress can lead to a number of conditions including depression, anxiety and even cardiovascular issues.

Therefore, it is a good idea to see what is making you feel stressed, and take steps to address or change it.

By taking the time to give yourself a MOT, you can identify areas of your life that could do with a little bit of a shift. Whether it is giving up smoking, eating healthily or simply getting to the gym more often, we all owe it to ourselves to look after the body that we have!

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